Induction Cooking. Versatility in Action.
Introducing the NEW
Full Induction Freestanding Range

Signature Features

Cooking VersatilityGentle enough to melt chocolate and powerful enough to boil
water, so it’s great for entertaining or getting dinner on the
table quickly.
Versatile Induction ElementsFeatures five elements with induction technology, including a
powerful 10" element with up to 3,800 watts of power to bring
water to a boil quickly.
Fits-MoreTM CooktopThe Fits-MoreTM cooktop features five elements so you
can cook more at once.
Quick PreheatPreheat in less than four minutes.1

1 Based on single rack cooking performance, not set temperature, using Quick Preheat.
More Easy-To-Use FEATURES
True ConvectionMulti-rack baking is faster and more
even with True Convection.
Peace of MindThe cooktop only heats up where it
comes in contact with the cookware,
nowhere else.
Quick BoilBoils water faster.
More ResponsiveCooking with induction is more responsive than gas or
electric, so you can easily go from simmer to boil.
Cookware CompatibilityMost stainless steel and cast iron cookware is compatible with
induction elements. An easy rule of thumb: if a magnet sticks
to the bottom of the cookware, it’s induction-friendly.
EffortlessTM Temperature
Probe with Auto Keep Warm
The EffortlessTM Temperature Probe allows you to set the
desired finished temperature and alerts you when that
temperature has been reached. At that point, the oven holds
the desired temperature of the meat by moving to a keep
warm function for better cooking results.
What is
Induction technology is more responsive than gas or
electric, offering the utmost cooking flexibility. Sensors
automatically detect the presence of magnetic cookware,
activate the induction field and adjust it to the exact size
of the pan. Using electromagnetic energy, heat is transferred
directly to the cookware — so the cooktop remains cooler for
easy cleanup. Induction allows for more precise control when
cooking — you can instantly adjust the heat to a delicate
simmer or bring it to a quick boil. And with induction
technology, the cookware heats more quickly than on gas
or electric cooktops — so cook times are faster, meaning less
energy is used.
How It Works
  • 1. The element’s electronics power a coil (red lines) that
    produces a high-frequency electromagnetic field
    (orange lines).
  • 2. That field penetrates the metal of the ferrous
    (magnetic-material) cooking vessel and sets up a
    circulating electric current, which generates heat.
  • 3. The heat generated in the cooking vessel is
    transferred to the vessel’s contents.
  • 4. Nothing outside the vessel is affected by the field –
    as soon as the vessel is removed from the element, or
    the element is turned off, heat generation stops.